Ep 8 | America in Prophecy and The Book of Revelation

America In Prophecy and The Book of Revelation

America in prophecy and end time events should be a part of every Christian discussion. Yet sadly, the climate of Protestantism in America has become less Christ-centric and more Nationalistic. Without using the proper discernment, thousands of Christians blindly support the agenda of America regardless of the implications of its policies. This mentality of American exceptionalism has caused many Christians to overlook obvious defects in our policies, our deceptive instigation and cruelty in war. This type of “Jingoism” in which Christians are unable to take a self-critical look at the government is largely due to the fact that there is a lack of accurate teaching regarding America’s role in end day prophecy.

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Christian teachers often profess that America is not mentioned in the bible, yet true bible students would beg to differ. Revelation 13 gives a definite description of America in prophecy and how the world’s leading nation will be the leader of Christian apostasy in the last days. While many are hoping for America to return to its Christians roots, the bible tells us the United States is destined to join hands with the Roman Papal system in enacting persecution upon the true church of God. This unholy alliance will seek to bring the entire world under one government, and sadly that government will be diametrically opposed to Christ.

However, evil doesn’t always come with horns and a pitch fork. For this reason, many Christians who have already been swept away in supporting legislation that will unite church and state, really have no idea what they’re asking for. The separation of church and state was first instituted by Christian pilgrims who fought to keep the tyrannical oppression of papal power from rising once again. Yet Christians who are eagerly seeking to consummate this union have no idea the unholy tyranny they support.

The bible clearly identifies America in Prophecy and how she will play an important role in the end times. That is why it is important that we learn Christ’s true insight into the heart of America and her role in prophecy in order to found on the side of right when Jesus comes.

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