Ep 7 | Book Reviews: Beef Up Your Library For the End Times

Book Reviews: Beef Up Your Library For the End Times

On this podcast episode of Book Reviewswe take you on a behind-the-scenes inventory of our end time library. These are the kind of book reviews you do not want to miss!

Book Reviews, End Times, Library, how to Beef up your library

You’re going to get an upclose and personal look at the resources we use to supplement our bible studies. Having a correct understand of the end times, however is half the battle. What does China, Russia and the Middle East have to do with it all? Well, according to bible prophecy, the leaders of the wars and rumors of war will be America and the Catholic church. Therefore, by studying the heart of the beast powers in the last days as well as what God says will become of those nations, is what these end time book reviews are all about.

Book Reviews, End Times, Library, how to Beef up your library

Some of the books in our book reviews are not written by Christian authors, but they reveal the times that we are living in by discussing America’s role in foreign affairs, the militarization of the police, Canon Law, dominion theology, archeology and the ancient semitic world. Being grounded in the correct interpretation of End Time events is the framework necessary to be able to correctly apply the available information that is out there. That’s what we’re here for.

Not only do we discuss America’s role in end time prophecy, we look at various doctrinal issues such as pantheism and the doctrines of Catholic church that diminish imputed righteousness. We also discuss theological issues within various churches and what every bible believer should know in order to escape deception in the last days. We touch on the Imputation of Adam’s sin and the necessity of Christ’s imputed righteousness in order to satisfy the legal guilt we have inherited from Adam. We discuss Calivism, Catholicism, Seventh-day Adventism, etc. and the events associated to the second coming of Christ.

There are LOTS of books out there and we want to help you find the ones that are more than just fluff. In our end time book reviews we give you REAL insight into how to find the RIGHT books as well as help with your biblical interpretation so you know just HOW to apply your knowledge in the interpretation of the end time world events and prepare for Christ’s soon return.

Book Reviews: How to Beef Up Your Library For the End Times

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