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Omega of Apostasy is a video produced by Return to Christ Ministries Production. If you have any questions regarding the content or would like to arrange a visit with the speaker, please contact us at:


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  • I really enjoyed the omega documentary and keep up the good work. What is your name, I couldn’t see your name in none of the credits. Do you give seminars at churches.


      Yes David is available for seminars at churches please feel free to write us at for more information. We are so glad to be blessing for you!

  • stephen N Mhlanga

    im truly blessed with the documentary though i would wish to share it with my community and all Church folks, if you could email it to me as well. i hear you do seminars i dont know if u have anyone who can do it in South Africa ,Gauteng Jhb region as well?? a positive response will be highly appreciated.From a brother across the Globe SN Mhlanga proudly Adventist.


      Hello Stephen,

      We have DVD’s and Digital downloads that can be used to pass out to people in your community. We will have the link to that on our website soon. We do give seminars on the subject, but do not have anyone in South Africa. However, this ministry is willing to travel and if the church or community would be able to pay for the expenses we would definitely take the time to make the presentation as well as bring DVDs for you guys to pass out. We are also finishing up the book to go with it. We are so glad that it was a blessing to you. Here is the link to the Omega Documentary and maybe you can email it to some friends of yours and see if its something you would like seminared in your area. God bless you!

  • stephen N Mhlanga

    Thank you a lot, Lift up Christ and tell the World.

  • Gene

    Does RCMP have an address, PO box or whatever, so people can send paper checks for donations?


      We currently don’t have a P.O. Box since we will soon be on the road more full time, but I will send you our current address.

  • Marcia Henry

    I am planing to host a month meting. and we wold like people to get involve. I have send out sermons ,message out on the internet.But how many people do we reach. I have been to church and i have dawn a survey and 50% of the people do not know a think, reason they do not the internet. And u know our r water down.

  • Make known to others what I have revealed to you. Write out the messages that I give you, that the people may have them

  • yunan

    well, i’m impressed with the presentation, it’s highly doctrinal and deeply emphasized the facts and history about the subject matter. is this an independent movement? or a voluntary group? have done an excellent job for letting the whole world know about the Gospel of Christ.


      Hello Yunan,

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the information. We are a voluntary group doing the ministry the Lord has called us to using non-traditional mediums of communication. We are so glad you enjoyed this presentation. Please let us know if you have further and questions and be sure to subscribe to our weekly mailing list! God bless!

  • I like your videos. I would like to get some in dvd form if I can get some and your address to send a check to. Also whatever information about you and your ministry. Thank you.

  • Traci M. Richards

    I am thoroughly enjoying your Revelation Study. I came across a book recently published by Desmond Ford: Seventh-Day Adventism The Investigative Judgement And the Everlasting Gospel, A Retrospective on Oct. 27th, 1979. I don’t understand why the SDA Church had such a hard time refuting his theology and maybe that’s because I don’t have a very firm grasp at what he is purporting. It seems to me that somehow he projects onto Adventists that they can’t be assured of their salvation because of their understanding of the Sanctuary and hence they live in fear of being lost no matter what. I am not aware of such fears. Anyway, I am quite confused and wondered if you might have some material on it that I could read or a video that addresses this. I like to be familiar with deceptions that I may ‘meet’ it with the truth, so I would like to understand this and am hoping you would be able to help me. There are a handful of ministries that I pray for each day and I want you to know that your ministry and the “Calling Out’ ministry (I am not gay but I love what this small group is doing…and they are facing great opposition!), are at the top of my list. God bless you and your family….abundantly!

    • Hey Traci,

      We’ll do a video on it in the very near future to give you more insight and grounding into Desmond Ford and the Glacier View conference. I will send you the link. Thanks for the great idea!

      • Traci M. Richards

        Oh my…I thank you with all my heart!! I have been reading his book…mostly the appendixes and as I read I felt like my whole world was starting to crumble and a weird sort of fear gripped me. I don’t even know how to begin to study this out so that the truth, as I have always known it, can stand it’s ground honestly. I even did a little research to see if there were any viable debates about his theology and could find none, which concerned me even more, as this is a pretty huge departure from a core belief. So, I am going to put it on the back burner for now as it has had a negative effect on my worship (and that scares me too), till you are able to share your study with us. I know that you use the whole Bible and and have a firm grasp on the meaning of words…like the whole day/year principle that Ford challenges, and Christ fulfilling the Atonement at the Cross instead of in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Regarding the day/year principle, I have often wondered about the ‘why’ of it…and thought that maybe it was God’s way of letting me know that He sees time differently than I do and that I was treading on His ground. Prophecy belongs to God and is outside of my will or the worlds, so He book-ended it with a time-frame different from our own normal reckoning of time. Just my thoughts, so you might correct me :). Thank you so much for caring enough about my dilemma to go through the effort of addressing it. I am so relieved…THANK YOU, and God Bless you and your wife…abundantly!!

  • Stephan

    Thanks for producing all these videos whom I find highly interesting.
    One important thing; I dont get it all. Im not familiar with SDA thinking, and english is not my native language, but I understand it pretty well (coming from Sweden).
    Two suggestion; write down an A4 or longer, that summarize what you are talking about, highlight your views. If you were to have sections, time stamps that would be awesome. I know this takes time … but as a viewer and listener, I would be more attracted if I could below the Youtube video, read the content before hand, and share to my friend a certain section of the video. My personal experience is that many share videos with others, but are they longer thatn 5-10 minutes, often they will not be listened too, because you dont know if its worth listening to, or you just dont have the time to see it whole throught. Maybe this is something to consider?

    Secondly, try to talk slower with more pauses. That would make a difference. Im sure we listeners need time to have it all sunk in before you jump to the next issue.
    I guess when the listener is more familiar with the way you perceive the Word and whats in your mind, that they will follow your undersyanding and thoughts better. But for me, Im many times lost which is frustrating, and rewind or listen a second time will take me many hours.
    God bless you!
    Ps google the propecy shared by Emanuel Minos, from the sixties, told by an old woman in Norway, having a vision about the mass immigration of non europeans, our treatment of them and attidtudes towards them (like the jews before second world war in Germany; guilt and blamed, and the jewish question was really about where to put all new coming jews from eastern Europe who immigrated after the first war, should they have german citizienship?!) – and when that happens again, Gods says our sins are full, like the sister of Sodom (Ezekiel 16), and a terrible time (accident) will occur; a world war where terrible weapons will destroy earth, water air – so we cant live in the rich countries (northern lands), we have to flee to other countries which will not be keen to receive us.
    Flee out from Babylon! But you were resistant since you thought you lived in peace and prosperity (Ez 16, Sak 1-6) so I sent the red horse (Rev 6) to force you out into the wilderness again.
    This will happen just before the return of Jesus Christ. (One translation I found said that Jesus will arrive before the war, which is not correct translation).
    The woman also told she saw the signs of the times, which prove to me that the prophecy so far is valid. Article “A vision about world war III” made an english translation at and some explanations.

    • Stephan

      Dear guys,
      Now I listened to two more videos, and I understand better.
      Hope I didnt upset you with my remarks.
      David is such an intellectual and his knowledge of the Bible is not easy to grasp at first.
      I use a bluetooth speaker to my iPad, that helped. Will continue the Revelation series.
      One question; it says in Matthew 24, that blessed is he who can provide food for Goods people, at the right time, when the Lord returns and finds him doing so?
      The interpretation? That some christians are called to give food and shelter during the last days of presecution?

  • Carl Sullivan

    Hello, just above you said, “give you more insight and grounding into Desmond Ford and the Glacier View conference.” Does this mean that you espouse and support the theology of Desmond Ford?

    • No, it doesn’t. We believe in 1844 message and the high priestly ministry of Christ in heaven and justification by faith in Christ’s imputed righteousness. We’ll break down this issue in future episodes. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Traci M. Richards

    I have a couple of questions for your Q & A series today, if you have time to answer. Sorry that I won’t be able to watch until you are able to upload it (unfortunately). Hosea 11:3 “I taught Ephraim also to go, taking them by their arms; but they knew not that I healed them.” How can God heal you and you not know it? I also would like to understand what Jesus was doing before He entered into the Most Holy Place in 1844…from the time He was translated to heaven and was in the the Holy Place. What did His ministry look like during that period? I am also still very interested in understanding why it was important to have a day stand for a year in prophecy. A couple of times in your studies you have mentioned that you would explain it, and maybe somehow I missed it, so I hope I am not asking you to repeat yourself. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help me/us grasp these HUGE concepts of the Gospel and The Revelation of Jesus Christ throughout the Bible..and you can never use too many verses. I have not once been bogged down by them at all!! 🙂


      Traci, I’ll weigh in on the Hosea question if you don’t mind. (If you do mind, ignore what’s coming! lol)

      A book of the Hebrew Scriptures written by “Hosea the son of Beeri.” (Ho 1:1) In it the writer’s domestic life is paralleled with God’s relationship to Israel. (Chaps 1-3) The book shows that mere formal religious ceremony does not find acceptance with Jehovah. (6:6) It also highlights God’s mercy and loving-kindness.—2:19; 11:1-4; 14:4.

      Setting. The book of Hosea is concerned primarily with the northern ten-tribe kingdom of Israel (also called Ephraim after its dominant tribe, the names being used interchangeably in the book). When Hosea began to prophesy during King Jeroboam’s reign, Israel enjoyed material prosperity. But the people had rejected knowledge of God. (Ho 4:6) Their wicked practices included acts of bloodshed, stealing, fornication, adultery, and the veneration of Baal and calf idols. (2:8, 13; 4:2, 13, 14; 10:5) After King Jeroboam died, prosperity ceased, and frightful conditions, marked by unrest and political assassination, came into existence. (2Ki 14:29–15:30) Faithful Hosea also prophesied amid these circumstances. Finally, in 740 B.C.E., Samaria fell to the Assyrians, bringing the ten-tribe kingdom to its end.—2Ki 17:6.

      The scripture you mention is translated differently in other translations and by comparing how the translators chose their English words to translate the thought behind the scripture you can often find understanding of the thought.

      This one is fairly easy, as the KJ uses “know” as we use other words hundreds of years later.

      Here is a translation that makes the sense clear in the context of what was going on:

      “3 But it was I who taught Eʹphra·im to walk, taking them in my arms; And they did not acknowledge that I had healed them. 4 With the ropes of men I kept drawing them, with the cords of love; And I was to them like one lifting a yoke from their jaws, And I gently brought food to each one  5 They will not return to the land of Egypt, but As·syrʹi·a will be their king, Because they refused to return to me.”

      It was Jehovah who was their source and strength. He guided and directed them in ways that were ONLY good and beneficial. He had “healed” them when they turned back to him, but failed to “know” that they had been healed, or “acknowledge” that it was Jehovah, their God, who was the ‘source’ of that healing.

      It is the same with us. When we turn to Jehovah through the merits of his Son, we receive a “healing” – as I’m sure you understand from the things you’ve written. That “Healing Is available to ALL. How sad to get that healing and not “know” we have been healed…..not to ACKNOWLEDGE that it can ONLY come from Jehovah trough the means he has provided, his Son , Jesus Christ. Without that “acknowledgement” we remain in the filth used to described “Ephriam” in Hosea’s day.

      Look at the “warning example” it provides for US, NOW, and its implications.

      Please let me know what you hear from the ines the question was meant for…..!