Ep 19 | Trinity: Deity of Christ Debate (LIVE WEBINAR) Answering Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and More

The Trinity: Answering Jehovah Witnesses On the Deity of Christ (LIVE WEBINAR)

The idea of the trinity and the three persons of the Godhead is often debated. Was Christ at some point “begotten” by the Father or is Christ Jehovah God, eternally co-existing with the Father? Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and some subgroups of Seventh-Day Adventists believe that Christ came forth from the Father at some distant point in the past. They are reluctant to say that Christ was “born” because they do not wish to be classed as Arian or Semi-Arians.

Therefore, we explore this concept of “begotten” and how it is used in the bible. In the book of Hebrews, it is written that Abraham offered up “his only begotten son.” Hebrews 11:17. Yet Ishmael was his first born? If Abraham already had a son before he had Isaac, how is Isaac his only begotten son? Isaac was the son of promise and the inheritor of the covenant. In this passage we see that “begotten” does not necessarily mean “born”, but “inheritor”.

Also there are many passages in Isaiah and elsewhere that call the Redeemer, Jehovah. Thus says Jehovah, the King of Israel, And his Redeemer, the Jehovah of hosts: ‘I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God.” Isaiah 44:6. In the book of Revelation Christ refers to Himself four different times as “the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” Revelation 1:8.

In this 2hr 30minute broadcast we touch on many of the controversies discussed by Jehovah Witnesses and dispel them with scripture.

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