Ep 9 | End Time Books To Read | Ancient East, Sanctuary & Jesus

End Time Books To Read: Ancient East, Sanctuary & Jesus

I always wonder, what are some good books to read that will help me gain new insight into the bible? On this podcast episode of The Final Deception, we go through more important Christian books to read! This time we explore the Ancient East and the times of Abraham. We look at the process of adoption in the ancient east and how Jesus referenced many familiar idioms of the east when He spoke His parables. By exploring the context of the culture and laws of some of the bedouin cultures, we are able to gain a deeper insight into the teachings of Christ. That’s why on this episode, we introduce you to some books that made it on our list of best Christian books to read.

Books to read

Typology is the symbolism of the Old Testament sanctuary. The Old Testament sanctuary and the sacrificial services were also subjects we highlighted on this podcast. The temple services played such a critical part in helping ancient Israel become acquainted with the ministry of Christ and His work as Messiah. Many believe that studying the Old Testament and understanding typology has no value for today. However, the more we can learn from the symbols that Christ used in the Old Testament in order to communicate the method of His salvation, the more we will understand His work in the end times. The three cycles of the Hebrew feasts were foretelling the three stages that the plan of salvation would be carried out in. The Spring feasts represented the cross of Calvary. Pentecost represented the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples. The fall feasts of Tabernacles and the Day of Atonement, which preceded the fall feast, represented the Second coming and the pre-advent judgment. All are critical to understand and that is why we highlighted them on our list of Christian books to read.

A few more categories of Christian books to read have to do with understanding the difference between Greek and Hebrew thought. Our modern culture has primarily been shaped by Greek western thinking and as a result many of the illustrations of Jesus and even the Hebrew writings of the Old Testament have been placed through a Greek filter. Thus much of the original meaning gets lost. That is why introduce a few more books to read that can help with this misunderstanding.

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