Ep14 | Imputed Vs. Imparted Righteousness

Imputed Vs. Imparted Righteousness

The fundamental differences between imputed and imparted righteousness is the most important subject we can tax our minds to understand. The gift that we have through the gospel are both imputed and imparted. The righteousness we receive from Christ from these two channels are both equally important and yet fundamentally distinct.

Imputed vs. imparted righteousness


The imputation of righteousness means that Christ has done something for me that I cannot do for myself. He credits His pure and spotless life into my account by which I am made acceptable before the Father. This righteousness is something that we receive as a gift from Christ and we are able to receive it by faith in His promises, character and efficacy. We do not attain to it because we have earned it through our own works. It is not something that is given to us because it is our due, but it is the free gift that Christ offers to every man.  Imputed righteousness is our title to heaven. It is the legal basis for being raised from the dead and being made citizens of the New Jerusalem.

Imparted righteousness is the power we receive from the Holy Spirit to overcome sin and be made in the image of Christ’s likeness. The Law of God is written on our hearts and we begin to reflect Him in character. Yet our sanctified life, no matter how wonderful it is, it can never earn us salvation. We will always and continually need the blood of Christ’s justifying merits to make our sanctified life acceptable. Justification by faith is the imputation of a perfection into our account that we could never attain to. As we become more and more acquainted with our limitations we will come to know just how precious of a gift this is.

On this episode we really try to divide some lines and clear up the fundamental truths of scripture.

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  • Cazac Mihail

    Nice effort in explaining the fine lines.. It’s not an easy subject although it should be considering the importance of the subject .
    I have noticed that the title is misleading: It’s not Imputed vs Imparted but Imputed vs Infused.

    I was expecting initially to see an antagonism (as per title) between Imputed vs Imparted but you never use Imparted in your video..you constantly go to Infused righteousness.

    It might be inferrred that Imputed = Infused but you explain imputed in your text as a power from the Holy Spirit to overcome sin.. So the antagonism is destroyed Imputed and Imparted are working together..

    So the title does not live up to expectation and its killed by the text before it.

    If Imputed righteousness means that Christ has done something for me that I cannot do for myself and
    Imparted righteousness is a derivation of imputed then I don’t see the conflict.They are parts of the process.

    Your video explanation does not mentioned it either as it constantly refers to Infused and does not specifically states that infused is equal to imparted..

    So the question is: Is Imparted the same as Infused?