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Law of Attraction VS. Christianity

The Law of Attraction is a type of New Age prosperity gospel. It claims that the secret of success comes from “sending out” the kind of energy you wish to receive. “Like attracts like” is the main premise of the law of attraction. Many entrepreneurs and life coaches have built their wealth on teaching others how to attract to themselves the things they want in life. Whether it is gaining financial success, a better relationship or social influence, the law of attraction has become the driving philosophy of our modern society. It has become so popular in fact many Christians have been swept up into the mania of it all. However, with the laws of attraction really imitating a form of modern witchcraft in a lot of ways, we have to ask ourselves: Does the Law of Attraction and Christianity Go Together?

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It’s important to take step back from time to time and evaluate whether the cultural norms really do line up with our faith. What is our mission as Christians and what are the types of riches that Christ is asking is to seek after? It can be easy to get caught up in the success of our business or other worldly things that occupy our attention. Yet what are some of the real costs that we incur when we view life in a purely material and worldly way?

The Law of Attraction is a type of prosperity gospel for secularist and new age religionists. Yet the prosperity gospel, even from a Christian standpoint, is a pseudo gospel at best. Finding deliverance from the afflictions of “not having enough” pales in comparison to our need to be delivered from the sin of our souls.

The Law of Attraction can more accurately be understood as form of modern witchcraft from a Christian standpoint. The process of trying to conjure wealth to ourselves through a formulaic manipulations in the spiritual realm seems dangerously close to witchcraft to me.

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  • MK, Sister in Christ

    Awesome, Have been waiting for years to see someone able to get this message out, and I have a lot to say. I never wrote a comment, and apologize to anyone who likes it much shorter,I would too, but I want to thoroughly address this. I am surrounded by people I have known and loved being seduced into this Law of Attraction and see it turn them into total selfish strangers. They treat Christian friends like they are ignorant and do not socialize with them for fear they are getting negative energy by being around them. I get preached to by these people and they are so convinced of themselves, and it will be sad to see them one day come to the end of themselves and have realized they were deceived. It is demonic, and I can’t understand how anyone puts themselves in the position of being ruled by this, it is sad and it is permeating life in the Northeast. When I researched Ester Hicks story and read that she was being given knowledge by some entity using her nose to spell out things to her, I thought REALLY? People can’t see that’s evil? Why would anyone allow themselves to literally be LED BY THEIR NOSE (or Ester’s) by a demon to learn how to exalt yourself above our Heavenly Father? Rewind a minute, This is the lie told by Satan to Eve in the garden, (Genesis Chapter 3) that somehow God had held out on her, and she and Adam would not die if she ate from the tree he told them not to, but be like God. That meant she could chose to disobey God’s command to her and be more like God herself. That was the first sin, she disobeyed, because she coveted something she didn’t have, then convinced her husband to do it! Eve forgot she had all they needed and that one tree suddenly looked good to her. Satan is a liar and the destroyer. Ultimately this is Satan’s desire, that we will use our free will to seek the treasures we want, and find separation from God by giving oneself over to the lie that We should be in control and not obey God’s commands in order to get what we want. The message is to not listen to God, or now the Bible, because it’s not telling you the truth, RED FLAG for anyone who has knowledge of the power and Authority given freely to to us through the sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. We must align ourselves with the one true Sovereign God of the Universe who loves us so much he sent Jesus to take our place in death. We now just choose to believe and be born again in order to be a new creation and have that awesome relationship with our God. God promises us if we seek him first and his kingdom we will have everything provided to us we need. Matthew 6:25-34) We are not to worry and be anxious about anything, and trying to use your mind control to get what you want will make you the opposite!
    Jesus tried to explain what it meant to be born again to Nicodemus, (John 3:1-8) who couldn’t comprehend it, but believed God was with Jesus because he saw the miraculous power and Authority Christ had when performing the signs and miracles. (Jesus was not only teaching with wisdom they had never heard before, He healed the sick, cast out demons, fed the multitude with only a few fish and loaves, etc with his disciples.) Using the ex. of Nicodemus shows we are always seeking answers but trusting in God and having faith is what gets you past your disbelief and understanding of the power and Authority you have in Him. This is the truth: the Universe does not obey our commands, people please guard your heart and live for Christ and you already have been blessed. Don’t allow yourself to be used to perpetuate Satan’s mission to lead us away from our gift of eternal Salvation through Christ, it is free, we have a choice, and It was the same choice given to Eve, to obey the Lord, but instead she was seduced by the lie that they would have more than God had already purposed for them if she would go ahead and try it. I once was offered this “answer” and a coaching package deal of $750, by my boss’s husband, AWKWARD. When I balked, I was treated like an outsider, which is probably a tactic for not accepting his pitch. I ultimately tried to work and separate myself from it and I no longer fit in with that organization. I was so uncomfortable and became ostracized. I know how manipulative they really are, and how much this creeps into not only our personal, but our work and office life. Have been there. At our work meetings and conferences, the leaders and key speakers were allowed to use this to start training how to attract more business to you and make more money. I couldn’t believe it. I see people getting involved in this and calling themselves Christians at the same time. Jesus plainly warned us, Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve two Masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Anyone who just wants the good life, follow Jesus and repent and be baptized (Matthew 3) and prepared to resist the devil (Matthew 4), read how he began using his Authority to preach and heal the sick (Matthew 4:23-25), and the Beatitudes, the Ultimate guide to living the good life (Matthew 5-7) and the rest of the book of Matthew to begin understanding the Kingdom of God and how it operates through our love and faith in the one true God and Christ Jesus. I hope this compels someone who is being seduced into this practice to wake up, and ask God to help you discern what is not of him. Ask him to protect you and let the prompting of the Holy Spirit be your way to find truth. Read the word and ask God to help you if you are already in this, to confess your disobedience to him and repent, He will forgive you and heal you from the inside out. This is a very dangerous thing to toy with, find your strength in the Lord and resist the devil. He will flee from you.. Then please go stop your friends and family from falling for this!!