Ep 17 | Neoplatonism: The Mind of God vs. The Mind of the World

Neoplatonism | The Mind of God vs. The Mind of the World

The Omega Point is a term coined by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, which describes the evolution of consciousness and the final end point of the enlightenment of society. The ultimate “Omega Point” is a neoplatonist view in which there is an erasing of distinction between male or female, Christianity and the other religions of the world. Synthesizing society into a single cohesive reality, in which there is no difference between one and the other is the ultimate goal of neoplatonism and the agenda of universities.

Yet how does the mind of Christ compare to this one world order that secular universities and the philosophers they revere? In what way is Christ and the gospel entirely different than what Plato, Nietzsche and Hegel taught? Rather than synthesizing all realities into one, Christ brings distinction, dividing the darkness from the light. Nietzsche claims that we can reach such a place of an enlightenment that we are “beyond good and evil”. Yet Christ proclaims that the only way to reach a world where we are beyond good and evil is to be resurrected with His life.

On this episode we look at the development of scholasticism and the origins of neoplatonism in universities and how it has permeated society.

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