Ep 5 | Pantheism | A RISING Attack On Justification By Faith

Pantheism Vs. The Gospel of Christ

The western mind has a very stagnant view of pantheism. Pantheism is more than just the worship of trees and grass. Believing that God imbues nature with His own essence comes in many subtle forms. The doctrine of the Eucharist, which the priest is said to transform into the true substance of God (transubstantiation), is a prime example of pantheism. Pantheism exists at the core of Catholic doctrine because they believe the bread is God. Pantheism is also beginning to gain momentum within mainstream protestant churches as well. While it may not be through the Eucharist, it comes in many other subtle forms.


The heart of Pantheism and it’s danger is that it dissolves distinctions between the Creator and created. Although we become one with Christ through the process of the atonement, our unification is one that maintains distinction. Our DNA and material essence do not become God. We do not become bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh until our bodies are resurrected with the Body that Christ has prepared for us through His sacrifice. Even then however, we do not share in His Godship. While on earth, Christ’s righteousness is accounted to us in the courts of heaven through the process of “imputed righteousness”. We receive our title to heaven by recognizing our sin and inability to bring perfection before the law of God. We gladly receive the righteousness of Christ who has offered to stand in our place, taking on both the penalty for sin and being found perfect under the scrutiny of infinite holiness. This is justification by faith. As a down payment of the great reconciliation that is soon to take place at Christ’s return, we receive the impartation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit reveals to us the mysteries of God. We are made to know the mind of God and through the strength afforded to us in Christ we are able to overcome sin and be transformed into His likeness.

While justification by faith leads us to see our need for a Savior and the enmity in our very nature against the law of God, Pantheism seeks to erase these distinctions. Pantheism seeks to bring the creature and Creator into a union that diminishes and in some cases, altogether overrides, the need for an atonement. If we are not lead to see Christ as “other”, and His holiness as separate and surpassing our own, man cannot see his need for a Savior. Thus Pantheism attacks the fundamentals of Justification by Faith.

On this episode of The Final Deception we examine the writings John Tauler and discuss how protestantism has recently become more and more beguiled by pantheism and pantheistic sentiments.

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