Ep16 | Postmodernism & The Bible


Postmodernism believes that the world is in a perpetual state of incompleteness and continual evolution. It claims that our understanding of politics, technology, religion and God is ever advancing. The truths of yesterday will not necessarily be the truths of tomorrow. We must continue to improve, liberate and better humanity while conforming ourselves to the adaptations of the world around us. All types of lifestyles are to be accepted and all opinions are to be treated with equal validity.

Postmodernism’s worldview has promoted the idea that God is unknowable and cannot be known. To believe that the bible retains any objective form of morality is what postmodernist would call “presumptuous”. They believe that we are all on the road to discovery and for anyone to claim that they have arrived at a knowledge of the truth is just plain arrogance in the postmodern worldview.

Postmodernism is extremely relativistic. Truth is what I feel and think. Objective truth is whatever collective society agrees upon. The interpretation of the bible changes with the times and the culture. Thus our definition of God is constantly evolving.

But is God really evolving? Does His standard of truth and morality change with the times. Is the One who said, “I am YAHWEH, I change not,” really molding and recreating Himself to fit the fashions of the times? Malachi 3:6.


Postmodernism has made its way into many churches through the emergent church movement. This movement has been a product of the general consciousness of society. There are ultimately two minds that are being formed for the end of time. Every person will find themselves as a participant in one of two camps.There is the mind of Christ and the mind of Satan. Yet evil does not always come in an obvious manner. A part of Satan’s plan is to bring the collective consciousness of its citizens into a single mindset: one that is not fractured by various religious beliefs and one in which there is no regard for “the Law of God”. Man, through his own innate intelligence and moral compass is believed to be able to enter into higher consciousness in which humanity exists “beyond good and evil”.

However, the postmodern worldview is diametrically opposed to the mind of the bible. “Love” and “righteousness” are objective realities that have been defined by the Creator. He who inhabits eternity has made known to us what is truth, and infinite wisdom has defined what is “good.” the highest good. Love is the salvation that Christ has granted to all men through the sacrifice of Himself. Righteousness is His Ten Commandment Law, which cannot be amended.

Objective truth does exist and it is Jesus Christ.

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