How To Study Your Bible (Live Webinar)

How to Study Your Bible (Live Webinar)


Unlocking the pages of scripture and understanding the prophecies outlayed in the book of Revelation and Daniel is a difficult task. There are many bible teachers who speculate about the meaning of the symbols in the book of Revelation, but is there an objective, orthodox and Christ centered interpretation? Yes.

With a few certain tools and guides we can help you begin your journey to unlocking difficult subjects in the bible.

As an author, radio host and documentarian, sharing the scriptures is my life. But I wanted to share with you the helpful tools that I use in order to dive deeply into the word of God and yet stay within the bounds of truth and biblical orthodoxy.

Join us for our LIVE SEMINAR where you can ask questions and learn how to unlock the book of Revelation through 22 weeks of our live webinar series. You will leave with 3 fundamental tools will make all the difference.

  1. Understanding Justification by Faith
    • Substitutionary Righteousness vs. Innate Righteousness
  2. Types and Antitypes
  3. How to Use Online Lexicons and Concordances

We hope you join us every Thursday at 12PM PST. GOD BLESS!